to lessen its complexion and make it uncomplicated to use the Instagram platform for your marketing, we breaking down the Instagram features into top 4 content channels:

  • IGTV
  • Stories
  • Reels
  • Feed

Your feed does twice duty as your homepage of Instagram. Your home page provides new viewers and, at a peak, a perception of your services, product, or messages. It is also the origin of ongoing content curation for fans and followers to revisit and visit many times, hopefully. Focus on the viewers who previously found their method to your profile or posts. Buy Instagram stories to bring you more viewers for your stories. To teach your fans and fans the things that they want to understand, use captions. Empathize with them, retain them informed regarding your business and brand, direct them to act on issues they care about.

Instagram lets you post a sixty-second video in your main feed. In your main feed, the starting second will appear. Wisely select those moments. Consider editing to display the compelling or most important imagery at the start or trimming the video to start with an on-brand shot. 


  1. To engage with audiences, provide a diversity of content
  2. To communicate depth, use captions
  3. Keep your feed on brand and business with a same aesthetic


You can lessen the aesthetic of brand and business with stories. To bring up the relationships with audiences and customers, use stories. Be whimsical and fun. To drive engagement, using stickers can help. Do not go insane with pictures. Viewers drop off after 5 to 7 slides. Dive into the short-form video option that means a maximum of fifteen seconds. To build goodwill and reciprocity, share other accounts in your Instagram stories. To keep relevant content center and front on your profile, you can also make highlights from Instagram stories. After twenty-four hours, your story will vanish, but highlights remain obtainable until you delete it or remove it. 


  1. Stories feature of Instagram can improve your brand
  2. After twenty-four hours, stories disappear, making them more captivating for users to click immediately. 
  3. For authenticity and connection, stories also can ease the most valuable opportunities.
  4. To keep the content obtainable until you delete it using the Instagram story highlight feature.


Instagram TV is a long-form video content format of Instagram. IGTV was launched in the year 2018. Instagram TV lets the users make up to ten-minute video clips. Accounts and verified accounts with a minimum of 10k followers can add the video up to sixty minutes.

The costs of production can be high, as with most long-form videos. IGTV could be the next step if you already make content for YouTube. You can provide your audience Instagram favorites like:

  • Events
  • Question and answers
  • Tutorials and how-tos
  • Behind the scene (BTS) tours


  1. Before heavily investing in IGTV, consider your goals, content type, and audience carefully.
  2. The long for video content of IGTV can deliver more value to increase the engagement and your audiences.
  3. Make the most of your IGTV video by making a teaser or preview.