It is the part of the world’s most valuable startup, one of the most exciting and most popular social media apps on the world, but it enters the most average Americans of the lexicon yet. The gist is this; film videos of users, acting out of the comedy sketches, and lip-synching, that would up the length of 15 seconds and can choose songs from the databases, and you can also choose sound bite and effects from the databases. A major incentive is a collaboration you can do a duet with other users or creators by simply replying to their videos, which would create a diptych split-screen, thus will feed into the endless chain of reactions. Users can upload their own sounds also buy TikTok views, so it is highly possible to get more views for lip-synch. TikTok is fun to use by all of this makes, and also helps to explain why the platform is grown so greatly. It surpassed Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube in the monthly installs in September 2018 in the App store, and it was downloaded more than a billion times in 2018. But it is smaller than Facebook because Facebook has 2.27 billion monthly active users around the globe, including Whatsapp and Instagram, which it owns, but it is ahead of Snapchat with 186 million monthly active users and Twitter with 336 million monthly active users. And as of 2019 February, in the Us 27 million, those are the active users. This has translated to great success for its parent company name as ByteDance, which has surpassed the Uber as the most valuable startup in the world. It is the first internet company in China, at the valuation of the more than the $75 billion, genuinely significant following around the globe.  On the surface, TikTok has like Vine, Snapchat, Dubsmash, and it became the video-centric social media. It shares similar assets like a Vine app, TikTok has created its own style of comedy, and has similar pitfalls like online creeps and online privacy. For a platform such a simple mission like dancing to the music, singing to the music are good at the requires of the TikTok a surprising amount of practice. Most of its popular video content are laborious quite to produce, most popular celebrities in TikTok are Jacob Sartorius, Baby Ariel, Loren Gray, and Lisa and Lena.