Latest YouTube Advertising in 2020 and beyond

If you want to be a famous YouTuber in 2020 then YouTube advertising. YouTube users watch the advertisements on YouTube where they can add call to action to the advertisements. Most of the users don’t watch the ads where some of the 10x users like to don’t expose the video ad. Most of the video ads are to be planned by the marketers. You need to know more about the advertisement methods and how you can effectively advertise on YouTube.You can also choose to buy cheap YouTube Likes to enhance video engagement.  In this article, you will come to know about the different types of ads on YouTube.

Display Ads 

The Display ads are the clickable images that appear in viewers using the desktop. In-display ads are 300 *250 or 300*60. The video will be a maximum of 30 seconds and the allowed size is 150KB. The formats supported are PNG, HTML5, JPG, and GIF. 

Overlay Ads

Overlays are like banners which are slightly transparent which will be appearing in the lower part in the video. Where the images posted are text box or image which is clickable and which will be only available to desktop users. The file should be 150 KB maximum and which supports PNG, JPG, and GIF. 

Skippable Video Ads 

Skippable ads can be skipped where the ads play after or before the video. The skippable videos are a maximum of 6 minutes and a minimum of 6 seconds in length and most of the viewers skip but it should be skipped after 5 seconds only. The ad videos should be in the video format of MP4 and it can be used for ad purposes. The YouTube videos are skippable with 1080 and 720 which will be accepted. The ads will appear in all the mobile, desktop, and laptop platforms. The skippable ads name itself shows that it can be skipped but the first 5 seconds can’t be skipped. 

Non-Skippable Video Ads 

Non- Skippable ads can’t be skipped and they have to view the video if they want to view the video they want to watch. The maximum video length should be 20 seconds. In Non- skippable ads the best part is viewers will see the complete ads and your ads will reach the target audience when compared to skippable ads. 

Bumper Ads 

Bumper ads are the best ads with 6 seconds of maximum and in this type of ad, it is non-skippable ads. Bumper ads can be viewed on desktop and mobiles. The file size should be a maximum of 1GB. Bumper ads are fewer time ads and which will be skipped where 61% have significant brand awareness. 

Sponsored Cards 

This type of video should be relevant to the main content of the video. Overlay ads will appear in a few seconds and if the viewers can view in the video at the right side corner. Sponsored cards appear on both the mobile and desktop where it will be in the following formats of PNG, JPG, and GIF. The cards can be the maximum of 5MB and minimum of 1:1 in the ratio. 

What is the concept of YouTube views?

YouTube is a social networking site that deals on a variety of videos and their admins. This is the place where one can earn a lot and become famous in a little time. Users buy YouTube views for the earning as well as the publicity of their channel. It is one of the most important ways with which one can earn recognition and enhance his viewers. YouTube is a process with which a viewer likes the video which he is watching or which he likes. After liking the video, it got added in the liked section automatically the one who has uploaded it can earn money.

As there are several features of many social networking sites, the same is here with YouTube in the form of like. 

Likes for videos

YouTube account holders upload videos for the sake of earning money and they have too much scope of getting likes, as it helps in the progress of the video. Not all YouTube i users are lucky to get likes which they hope. Less number of likes will not help the video to flourish and the video will be there without any success rate. Likes on YouTube add fame to the video and also suggests other users or viewers watch the video. This creates a good impression on the viewers.

YouTube confirms the quality of the video

If a user is getting a large number of likes on his videos then easily it can be said that he is the famous user of your tube. Several likes on a video, more chances are there for the success of the channel. Several parameters are there on which the success of a video is measured, where likes are of much importance. People buy YouTube watch hours  so that they can earn money when a large number of people will watch their video for long hours. Many videos are uploaded daily on YouTube, but many of them fail to get success, but some of them are still successful because of a large number of likes.

YouTube likes is a factor that decides whether your uploaded video is famous amongst viewers or not. More will be the number of likes, the channel of YouTube will earn a large amount of money for you.